Dear XXX,

Thank you for all the help so far regarding my visa renewal. I am very grateful.

I would like to let you know [because I do not know whom else to talk to] an unpleasant experience that I had earlier today, and think that my experience may provide you useful information. I believe that what I encountered today is uncommon, based on my otherwise nice experience in this country.

What happened earlier today, was that, I brought all the required documents to the visa office in the city hall at around 10:30, and decided to talk to the guy at the information desk, just to double-check that I am at the correct place [although I know for sure I am at the correct place, and personally think that talking to him is totally unnecessary, given that I had a valid waiting number and given that most of the other visitors just walked in to the waiting area without consulting him — I was just being polite and exceptionally compliant to any administrative procedure, as a typical Chinese citizen always does]. Now begins my horrible day — the guy sitting at the information desk, upon knowing that I come to renew my student visa, immediately opened my envelop and drew heavily on the piece of paper listing the required materials [which you kindly attached]. At this point, I thought that he must think that I missed some material, so I explained that I have all the required documents and that I know the procedure. Then he began to write heavily on the corner of the paper and said: “you should come with all these documents between 8 o’clock in the morning to …” before he finished the sentence, I interrupted [ which was perhaps the only impolite thing that I did throughout the whole process ] by saying, “yes, I know, 8 to 12, right?” Before I finished, he interrupted back, “No! 8 to 9 o’clock.” I was surprised, and said: “I think it is 8-12, according to the website of the Ministry of interior…” He interrupted VERY impatiently, “I AM NOW telling you, without an appointment, the office hour is only 8 to 9.” I was surprised to hear him mentioning appointment, because I was pretty sure that an appointment is not necessary, so I said, “but how could I possibly make an appointment without being informed of the necessity of it by your website; in addition, your website doesn’t provide any clue of making appointment? I also confirmed with our University official, XXX, that an appointment is not necessary.” Then he began to go nuts, by saying “Am I speaking English? Do you understand English?” I was shocked by his rudeness, especially given that there is nobody behind me waiting for his help so I was not wasting other people’s time. Despite being offended, I still wanted to try to convince him that I followed everything I could possibly follow, and still wanted to try to beg him to allow me in, so I said, “I can only arrange my arrival time here according to what I could possibly know, right? I have never heard of this new office hour, and I travelled a long distance here; could you just let me in? — my case is super simple, it won’t take long…” He then was almost scolding me: “AM I speaking English? DO YOU understand English? If you don’t, bring someone who understands. Bye-bye.” I was shocked, but then changed my strategy: “So how can I make an appointment? since the time now is still within the office hour for appointments.” He showed a scornful grin, and asked dally: “you want an appointment? give me your passport, now the earliest slot is August… Do you still want an appointment?” I was shocked one more time, thinking maybe this guy didn’t want to speak normally with me at all, from the very beginning. I answered, “No, because I have a flight tomorrow, and if this cannot be done within a day or two, I won’t do it here.” He then waved his hand forcefully, “Ok, so have a good day. Bye-bye.” Although he said “have a good day”, his tone absolutely did NOT mean it.

Anyways, this was my morning. After this extra step of consulting him, I left the office, because I can no longer enter the waiting area without being noticed by him. I have a strong feeling of being racially discriminated, because during my ~10min waiting time in front of the information desk, the same guy spoke smily with every israeli and politely with a couple of US citizens. Hence, the only thing that, I believe, could have triggered his inner evil, was my east-asian face and my Chinese passport…

Enough of complaint in vain — I want to clarify that I am not seeking for any further trouble (since a typical Chinese citizen always avoids trouble), or seeking for any help from you. The only useful information, maybe for you and other internationals, may be: the office hour is 8:00-9:00am for student visa extensions that are without appointment (see attached image for this guy’s hand writing.). BTW, even now, I still do not know how to make an appointment without physically showing up there and seeing his scornful face…

I have a flight tomorrow, so it is very likely, despite your kind and timely help, I still cannot renew my visa here in time. I will try it tomorrow morning at 8:00. Many thanks to you, all the same.


Fangzhou Jiang