This is the blog of Fangzhou Jiang (姜方周). Friends in the States call me Arthur. Whimsy call me Fatty. Mom call me Kuan’er.

The title of the blog is “Ping Hu Shi Hua“, in which “Ping Hu” stands for my hometown, Shui Guo Hu, where there is a lake of the same name — Lake Shui Guo Hu.

I started to write essays and poems when I was a student in the Shui Guo Hu Middle School. I developed my interest in astrophysics during the same period. I went to the No. 1 Middle School affiliated to Central China Normal University in 2003. This blog was meant to record my essays and poems (mainly in Chinese) when it was launched in 2006. At that time, I was in Kuang Ya Ming Honours School, Nanjing University. I major in physics and astrophysics. When I moved to Yale University in 2010, I also moved this blog here and started to record my astrophysical works.

I am now a Ph.D. student in Department of Astronomy, Yale University, specializing in extragalactic astrophysics.