This is the blog of Fangzhou Jiang (姜方周). My friends in the United States call me Arthur. My wife Whimsy call me Fatty, which doesn’t necessarily suggest that I am big…

The name of the blog is Ping Hu Shi Hua, where Ping Hu stands for my hometown, Shui Guo Hu, where there is a lake of the same name — Lake Shui Guo Hu. The lake is a part of the East lake, the largest lake surrounded by a metropolitan area in the world. The city that surrounds the lake is Wuhan.

I started to write small articles and poems when I was in the Shui Guo Hu Middle School. This blog was meant to record these short essays, poems, and lyrics (in Chinese) when it was started in 2006 at msn space. In 2006, I went to Kuang Ya Ming Honours School, Nanjing University. I major in physics and astrophysics. When I moved to Yale University in 2010 for my PhD, I also moved this blog from msn to WordPress.

I am now a postdoc fellow in the Racah Institute of Physics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I started to write a novel in Chinese, 平湖三月始芳菲,a story about the life and love of a few young people, born in the middle 1980s, from an ambiguous  Chinese city,  江州. The story is meant to explore the growth of a few characters of different backgrounds and personalities, showcasing their life in China and abroad, in the context of the single-child, baby-boomer generation and the reform-and-opening-up of China since the 1980s.